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Hedrek collected edition hits the mark

On Saturday 16th of March, almost two years since we published Hedrek: Night Of The Mummers issue #1, we launched the very first Scratch Comics Collected Edition on Kickstarter in the form of the Hedrek: Night Of the Mummers Collected Edition.

We were then delighted, just 24 hours later to hit our funding total and we are now looking to be able to hit a much higher total, which is great news for the two co creators, writer Laurence Alison and David Hitchcock, as they have lived and breathed Hedrek for two years and poured their hearts and souls into completing this macabre detective folk horror epic.

The new book collects all of the original series, including the Broken Pieces Special edition and also includes 5 new pages of stunning art by artist Ess Kaydee, which illustrate a new poem written by Laurence.

The book is available as a Deluxe Soft Cover, a digital PDF and an Over-sized Hardcover Edition, showing David's art as never seen before.

There is also a stack of back mater and a covers gallery including all of the variant cover art from the series from top comic artists such as Jimmy Broxton, Warwick Fraser-Coombe and Shane Oakley.

To get your hands on this beautiful 140 page collection before general release, check out the Kickstarter campaign, which runs until 14th April 2024 here:

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