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  • Hedrek: "Broken Pieces" One Shot
  • Hedrek: "Broken Pieces" One Shot

Hedrek: "Broken Pieces" One Shot

£6.00 Regular Price
£3.60Sale Price

Conspiracies, secret criminal parties on yachts, hard boiled action, heroics and tragedy. This ones got it all in spades!


As we near the final issue of the hard hitting folk horror detective story Hedrek Night Of the Mummers, co creator and writer Laurence Alison has decided to tell 4 essential short stories set around the events of the first two issues.


This anthology brings in 4 incredible guest artists: Damian Edwardson, Adam Jakes, Paul McCaffrey and 2000ad artist Steven Austin, all wrapped up in a beautiful cover by the amazing Shane Oakley.


These stories shine a light on some of the main characters from the first two issues and even introduce new characters appearing in the final issue for the first time.

Therefore, if you enjoyed the first two issues this is an essential book for you.

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