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Claudia Christian's Dark Legacies issue two Cover Art Revealed.

We are very excited to share with you the main Kickstarter Deluxe Edition cover art for the next issue of Dark Legacies.

Alex Ronald Returns

After knocking it out of park with his cover art on the first issue, 2000ad cover artist Alex Ronald has done it once again with this stunning cover art for our second issue.

Hero or Villain?

Patricia Tallman's character, revealed in the final scenes of the first issue features not only on the cover, but you can expect to see her in action inside the comic too.

But will she be a hero, villain, or something else altogether.

Find out in the second issue, the Kickstarter for which will be launching on 25th May this year with a spacial ICE CAST LIVE appearance by Claudia Christian. Come join us in the chat.

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